The Signs of a Bogus Locksmith

If you have an issue with your lock either at home or even in the office; or you are locked out of your car, you will definitely need the help of a locksmith. Nevertheless, how do you ensure that the one you get is reliable? How can you tell if someone is trying to defraud you? Well, the following are some tale tell signs of a bogus locksmith to look out for.

  • Quotes that are Too Low

Most locksmiths advertise their services in different platforms. Wherever you find your locksmith from, if the rates being offered are too low, you may want to double check the genuineness of the locksmith. Bogus locksmiths use low rates to lure their potential clients. They advertise low rates to get as many calls as possible. After agreements, they end up charging more than they had earlier indicated stating excuses that don’t really hold water.

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  • Using Unmarked Vehicles

An established service provider should always be in a marked vehicle. If a locksmith shows up in your home in an unmarked vehicle, chances are that he is fake. Some even go to the extent of putting up fake markings on their vehicles to try to appear real. But a closer look at the car will reveal nothing short of mere stock images to try to impress you. If you spot anything like this, steer clear of such locksmiths.

  • Sudden Price Increase

Before hiring the services of a locksmith, you will talk to him and try to find out how they charge and so on. If you notice that the prices keep fluctuating inconsistently, there is a high probability that all he is interested in is getting as much money from your pocket as possible.

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  • Breaking down Doors and Drilling as the Only Solution

When you try seeking advice from a locksmith and all they can recommend is breaking down the door or drilling as the only solution; you should immediately know that you are dealing with a fake locksmith.

This advice is from ITCC Locksmiths in London.