Types Of Vehicles That A Professional Man And Van Company Will Provide

Professional man and Van Companies provide various types of vehicles for their clients. A wide array of vehicles is required to satisfy the different unique needs that each client may have. Some clients may have bulky furniture that needs to be lifted and carefully packed, while another may have just a few boxes that need to be moved a few blocks away. Either way, the removal companies often have a wide array of vehicles for you to pick from depending on the nature and magnitude of the task ahead.

The kind of vehicle picked for the job will be determined by;

  • Size of the load; this could probably be in terms of width or length but often, man and van companies will charge you only for what they have removed from your premises. For their part, skip hire services will charge you based on the size of the skip which makes them slightly more expensive.
  • Weight of the load; The heavier the load, the more you’ll be required to pay
  • Fragility of the load; How delicate is the load? Is it fragile and needs to be handled with care? Fragile and valuable items have to be handled with care at all times.
  • Perishability of the goods; some man and van vehicles have cold rooms that are used to store perishable goods and items during transportation.
  • Distance to be covered; how many miles are likely to be covered? Is the road too steep, how is the weather on the day you plan to move?
  • Maneuverability of the road; are you relocating to a busy, congested vicinity? How easy or complex will it be getting your items to the new premises?

So, what types of vehicles would a particular company offer? 

  1. Parcel vans; Parcel vans are about 15 feet long and can carry about 2500-3500 pounds. They are ideal for clients seeking to move offices or making deliveries of stationary and other smaller errands like door to door deliveries.
  2. Panel vans; these are smaller compared to parcel vans but are considered equally efficient for their kind of work. The panel vans are better suited for moving light loads like light office machines, supplies for an elderly home or children’s home. A professional man with a van company deems this vehicle as a valuable acquisition.
  3. Straight trucks; these are larger vehicles provided by professional man and Van Companies. They are over 25ft long and can handle bulkier and heavier loads. The removal company provides such a vehicle to cater for the needs of clients who may want to move loads of about 7000 to 10000 pounds. Such trucks can handle heavy machinery and equipment efficiently due to their loading capacity.
  4. City vans; these are medium sized trucks designed to maneuver urban centers that contain sophisticated road networks. The removal company provides these vehicles with the aim of serving clients living and working in the middle of cities; vehicles are designed in such a way that they offer more visibility to their CRB certified drivers due to their huge windshields.
  5. Tractor trailer;Professional man and van companies are fully aware of the time taken to and from the warehouses. A client who is expanding their business operations might require moving warehouses. A perfect solution would be a tractor trailer which is more suited for such kind of tasks, compared to a van or ordinary lorry. Bulky cargo is safer when transported using a tractor trailer.
  1. Cold storage van; A professional Man and Van company like BIG YELLOW EXPRESS provides cold storage room as and when the need to arises. We well understand that some of the perishable foodstuffs you have in your fridge or freezer don’t have to be rendered waste simply because you’re moving. Thus, even as we turn off your fridge during transportation, our specially customized cold storage vans can safely store your veggies, flowers, dairy products and other perishable items. Be it a dairy farmer, a small catering restaurant, florists; we got you covered.

man-and-van-londonA professional man and van company weighs all the above factors while deciding what kind of vehicles to provide to clients. Factors like location may also come into play depending on what and the where the client wishes to relocate to. At BIG YELLOW EXPRESS we pride ourselves of being a professional, punctual, and affordable Man and van company in London. Regardless of your budget, we can always find a way to work within that without compromising on the quality of our services. Our well serviced fleet of vans and trucks, not to forget the CRB certified drivers that we’ve employed; we’re here to serve you professionally, punctually, and at an affordable rate. Get in touch with our customer care team on 020 3322 8733 and let’s discuss your options now.

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Best Rubbish Removal Services in London for same day work

When it comes to hiring a rubbish removal company in London, you may be looking for someone reliable and same day services. Express Waste Removals is the best when it comes to same day rubbish removals in London.

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Importance of same day waste disposal in London

The City of London has over 18,000 world class businesses which range from retail shops, financial and banking services, manufacturing, construction, food, printing, tourism businesses and many others. Depending on the size of these enterprises, each one produces varying amounts of waste in the course of doing business. A printing companyhas huge amounts of excess paper that they need to dispose of while another firm has huge amounts of cardboard boxesfrom all the supplies that they purchase. A busy restaurant has tons of food that it has to throw away at the end of each day while a paint manufacturing company has liters of waste chemicals to deal with.  Whatever the refuse maybe, it is important that each business dispose it in a safe, eco-friendly. Here’s why:

  1. For the safety of workers

It is good business practice to dispose commercial waste in the proper manner for the purpose of protecting the health and safety of employees. For instance, when some chemicals are disposed of together, the mixture may cause spontaneous combustion injuring the workers in that factory. Toxic fumes that may come about as a result of burning some items can cause breathing problems for people who inhale them. Through propercommercial waste disposal mechanisms, the health and safety of the people handling the refuse is guaranteed.

  1. To protect the environment

It is a fact that some businessesstilldump their refuse on open grounds and in water bodies causing massive land and water pollution. The effect of this fly-tipping is soil deterioration and possible contamination of the water that gets into homes and businesses. Further, improper disposal of commercial waste takes away the natural beauty of the environment and instead causes it to become an eyesore. Correct commercial waste disposal ensures that nature is protected for posterity.

  1. To avoid fines and penalties

For businesses that are consideringfly tipping as a waste disposal method, thefinancialimplicationsare high enough to encourage you to choose proper channels. Fly tipping is a criminal offense and has a fixed, on the spot fine of £400.The damage to the reputation of the company as well is not worth engaging in illegal waste disposal.Commercial waste disposal does not have to come at a premium cost. There are many service providers that would agree to a flexible payment plan.

  1. To save natural resources

A key part of proper waste disposal is separating the disposable and non-disposable waste. Disposable waste, for example food, is degradable and can be eliminated without hurting the environment.  Non-disposable wastes include plastics and glass which do not decompose and remain long after they have been disposed. Instead of dumping non disposable items into landfills, businesses can recycle them to produce other substances. For instance, scrap metal dealers can smelt metal and it can be used for other purposes. Plastic and glass bottles, food cans can be recycled to make more. This in turn minimizes the need for industries and factories to use natural resources to produce more of the same items.

The Signs of a Bogus Locksmith

If you have an issue with your lock either at home or even in the office; or you are locked out of your car, you will definitely need the help of a locksmith. Nevertheless, how do you ensure that the one you get is reliable? How can you tell if someone is trying to defraud you? Well, the following are some tale tell signs of a bogus locksmith to look out for.

  • Quotes that are Too Low

Most locksmiths advertise their services in different platforms. Wherever you find your locksmith from, if the rates being offered are too low, you may want to double check the genuineness of the locksmith. Bogus locksmiths use low rates to lure their potential clients. They advertise low rates to get as many calls as possible. After agreements, they end up charging more than they had earlier indicated stating excuses that don’t really hold water.

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  • Using Unmarked Vehicles

An established service provider should always be in a marked vehicle. If a locksmith shows up in your home in an unmarked vehicle, chances are that he is fake. Some even go to the extent of putting up fake markings on their vehicles to try to appear real. But a closer look at the car will reveal nothing short of mere stock images to try to impress you. If you spot anything like this, steer clear of such locksmiths.

  • Sudden Price Increase

Before hiring the services of a locksmith, you will talk to him and try to find out how they charge and so on. If you notice that the prices keep fluctuating inconsistently, there is a high probability that all he is interested in is getting as much money from your pocket as possible.

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  • Breaking down Doors and Drilling as the Only Solution

When you try seeking advice from a locksmith and all they can recommend is breaking down the door or drilling as the only solution; you should immediately know that you are dealing with a fake locksmith.

This advice is from ITCC Locksmiths in London.