How to Add 2 Step Verification in Account

Gmail is one of the most popular email systems of the world. Being a prominent member of the Google family, comes across as an efficient email service provider that has been loaded with a number of amazing features. With totally new experience of user interface and strengthened features, this amazing web application has grabbed a million of users and day by day this number is increasing.

First of all, the facility that is offering to its users and the mind-blowing speed that eliminates the need of full page reloads for every single page. You can enjoy everything in the form of simple tab form and can access the emails in a more efficient and manner. If you want to log in to your Gmail account, this step by step guide will aid you a lot.

  • If you are a registered member of sign in, you can simply visit for easy sign in process.
  • Without a valid account id, you cannot log in there. For this purpose, click on “Create an gmail account” option that will redirect you the page asking for the required fields of information. Entering all your authentic credentials there, you can get an authentic Gmail id.
  • After having a Gmail login account, again visit Most often, you will be displayed with a page showing the Username and Password boxes. Entering your own authentic Gmail id and password there, click on “Sign in” button present below these fields.

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Are you currently stuck in a rut? Have no idea what to do? Perhaps, you are merely curious about what the future holds for you. Regardless of your reasons for wanting a psychic reading done, there are best psychics that you can seek out and administer. This is fabulous for you if you feel shy about going to a Telephone medium reading in Australia. In addition, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home nor wait weeks for the reading.

Before you run off to obtain best phone psychic, there are a few critical facts to know about online psychics!

Psychics Vary in Quality and Skill Level

Do not expect every single online psychic to provide you with a high quality reading, just because of the fact that he or she is a psychic. Some are just psychics in name only. Just as one engineer may perform better than another, the same applies to online psychics. Each person has a different amount of experience, unique interpretations, and different perspectives. So, how do you find a high quality psychic that will make the best phone psychic well worth your money? Do a little research on the person and determine what his reputation is, for one. Obviously if you find mostly positive reviews, then they are probably a quality psychic. Also, you should remember the adage “you get what you pay for.”

Steps creating a gmail account


Step 1:

Open up your internet browser. Whichever one you use should be able to support the Gmail website. Whether it’s Chrome, Firefox, Opera or even Internet Explorer.

Step 2:

Go to the Google homepage if it is not your default start up page, already. Or you can just follow the below link:

Step 3:

Once the page has loaded, on the top right corner of your page, you will see an option saying “Gmail”. Click on it. If you don’t want this process in that case then you may proceed directly via

Step 4:

You will be directed to a page which gives you the option of signing in. Since you do not have a Google account yet, you have to create one. Below the “Sign In” option, you will see another option of “Create an Account”. Click on it to get the process started.



Step 5:

To set up the new account, you need to provide Google with some information about yourself. Firstly, you have to enter your first and last names. Next, you will have to choose a unique username which will be the email address you will be giving out to people for contact purposes. Once you type in your username, Google will check if the username is not in use. If it is, you will have to pick out another name until Google approves. Once your username has been selected, proceed to fill out the rest of your information. At the end, read the “Privacy Policy” and check the little box next to it and click on “Next Step”.

Step 6:

You have to come up with a password you won’t easily forget, and is not easy to guess. Google will suggest you to use at least 8 characters – both numbers and letters – for a more secure password. After entering the password once, you will need to re-enter it to verify them.

To confirm you are not a robot, you will also be asked to type in two random words as the Captcha code.

Step 7:

Once you’re done with completing your information and profile, you are ready to use the Gmail account to send and receive email!


Domestic Cleaning Services in London

What is Domestic Cleaning?

End of tenancy Cleaning Services

The cleaning process which needs to be done daily in a routine manner refers to the term domestic cleaning, In this case, domestic cleaning also refers to the housekeeping as well. The domestic cleaning activities involve all the activities like mopping the floors, wiping the glasses and doors, cleaning the interiors, removing the dirt from the carpets, cleaning the kitchen appliances, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. The domestic cleaning service may need by many people like working women, senior people who find it difficult to complete their daily household activities.

Who needs Domestic Cleaning Service in London?

end of tenancy cleaning companyend of tenancy cleaning companyThe domestic cleaning services may be needed by the persons who are busy with their business activities and find it difficult to spend some quality time in doing their household activities. The housekeeping services may also be needed by the elder people who needs some rest in spite of doing their personal works. The domestic cleaning services may also be needed by the people who are differently abled and also by the people who are busy in handling the family stuff as well. Also, the students who undergo higher studies by doing part time job will not have enough time spend with household activities. In those case, they can avail service from the End of Tenancy Cleaners in London to complete their cleaning work done. Best End of Tenancy Cleaners will Complete the work in a Professional way.

What Professional Domestic Cleaners do?


Professional domestic cleaners in London may be hired full time or part time for housekeeping activities who will work hard to maintain the house clean throughout the day. The domestic cleaners will have a checklist to make sure that they will not miss out any activities out of their knowledge.

Advantages of hiring a domestic cleaner:

End-of-Tenancy-Cleaning-LondonThe main advantage of hiring a professional domestic cleaner is that we need not involve in any household activities as they will take care of that, also the professional domestic cleaners will complete their work in a perfect way as they are well trained and hard working. The other main profit of having a Professional domestic cleaner is that we can have some leisure time by not involving any household activities. The cleaners will also have the scheduled plan to do their daily activities so that they will make sure that all the activities are completed in a routine manner.

Domestic Cleaning Services in London:

End of Tenancy in London provides the professional domestic cleaning service to all the people. The End of Tenancy in London has the well trained and hardworking team who will spend their time in cleaning your residential building or office building in a more professional way. End of Tenancy in London not only provides the domestic cleaning services, they also offer other services like spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, after building cleaning services, etc. End of tenancy cleaning services in London can help out many people to sort out the cleaning activities in a Professional way to their complete satisfaction. Avail End Of Tenancy Cleaning Hot Offers from EOT Cleaning Services in London.

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Modern Furniture Guide for 2017

Modern furniture has continues to gain much popularity, with many designers and home owners preferring this kind of furniture over traditional or oriental furniture. It’s very important that you familiarize yourself with the modern furniture guide for 2017 in order to avoid doing things wrongly. Mind you, there are many fake modern furniture pieces, others that won’t serve for well or for long. Worse still, some dealers will advertize some of their furniture as modern, only for them to turn out to be false! In that regard, this guide should be your guide at all times as you look to furnish your house or office space with modern furniture store.


So, what exactly does modern furniture mean?

Modern furniture, also referred to as mid century furniture refers to a design that was invented between 1920s and 1950s.  The style is a defined one, which means that it does not change or incorporate new ideas. This is so unlike contemporary design that keeps evolving every now and then. Modern design is clean, simple, and without many decorations or designs. Another thing to help you identify modern furniture pieces is by looking at the natural materials used; most embrace the use of natural materials like wood, polished metal, leather, and teak, and so on so forth.  Plastic is also a common material in this type of furniture pieces.

Read the MidCentury – The guide to Modern furniture, Interiors and architecture

How do you buy the best modern furniture and get it right?

First and foremost, you will need to consider the design of the space you wish to furnish with these furniture pieces. What are you trying to achieve? Are you sure the modern furniture pieces will blend in well with the room’s design and other pieces already present? Modern furniture must always be complimented by the other items in the room; from the floor mat to the curtains, even the color of the room. In a contemporary designing of the house, furniture is just one piece of the jigsaw puzzle; you’ll need woolen mats, and the walls painted white in order to bring out the perfect feel.

It’s always very vital that you get in touch with a professional interior designer, and get more professional advice on the best modern furniture in 2017. Most furniture shops have professional attendants who’re willing to advice you on the best pieces for the space you have. You can find most of them online, as the major furniture sellers have websites where you can learn more about their services as well as their contacts.

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Good Magician Northampton

Make sure your Magician Northampton is a proud member of The Magic Circle, the most famous and prestigious magical society in the world, you are assured of a first class performance.

Magician Northampton can perform at private, corporate and charity functions. This includes barmitzvah/batmitzvah parties, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas parties, television and restaurants.
Magician Northampton presents magic featuring cards, rope, a variety of unusual objects and puzzles. You will believe the impossible right before your very eyes and often in your own hands!

Imagine a signed card caught in a mousetrap or even appearing on the ceiling above! That is just the start of the unique magical experience brought to you.

Magician Northampton is versatile enough to work under all conditions, whether it be working a room at a reception or buffet or table-hopping during a formal meal.

Magician Northampton also presents balloon modelling in a close-up environment, which is very popular with the younger audience. His shows contain a unique blend of magic and comedy. His witty personality and good sense of humor enable him to establish a good rapport with his audiences wherever he performs.

Hire Magician Northampton for corporate events worldwide, Dinner Theatres, stage shows, (big and small),Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, college/university events, comedy shows, ice breakers, Cub Scout events, strolling magic, amusement parks,trade shows, roasts, birthday parties, , magic lessons and more.

The Signs of a Bogus Locksmith

If you have an issue with your lock either at home or even in the office; or you are locked out of your car, you will definitely need the help of a locksmith. Nevertheless, how do you ensure that the one you get is reliable? How can you tell if someone is trying to defraud you? Well, the following are some tale tell signs of a bogus locksmith to look out for.

  • Quotes that are Too Low

Most locksmiths advertise their services in different platforms. Wherever you find your locksmith from, if the rates being offered are too low, you may want to double check the genuineness of the locksmith. Bogus locksmiths use low rates to lure their potential clients. They advertise low rates to get as many calls as possible. After agreements, they end up charging more than they had earlier indicated stating excuses that don’t really hold water.

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  • Using Unmarked Vehicles

An established service provider should always be in a marked vehicle. If a locksmith shows up in your home in an unmarked vehicle, chances are that he is fake. Some even go to the extent of putting up fake markings on their vehicles to try to appear real. But a closer look at the car will reveal nothing short of mere stock images to try to impress you. If you spot anything like this, steer clear of such locksmiths.

  • Sudden Price Increase

Before hiring the services of a locksmith, you will talk to him and try to find out how they charge and so on. If you notice that the prices keep fluctuating inconsistently, there is a high probability that all he is interested in is getting as much money from your pocket as possible.

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  • Breaking down Doors and Drilling as the Only Solution

When you try seeking advice from a locksmith and all they can recommend is breaking down the door or drilling as the only solution; you should immediately know that you are dealing with a fake locksmith.

This advice is from ITCC Locksmiths in London.